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Tish Tisherman, EzineArticles Basic PLUS Author

How will our teenagers function in the “real world”?


There is so much going on out there, and teens are pretty clueless of how they appear to us “adults”. They think they know how they want to be perceived, yet the girls are wearing the shortest tightest skirts, (I can’t imagine how they can even sit down) or the boys have their jeans hanging […]

Here’s Tish Working an annual Career Day! 2012

How to interview and get the job!

Working with High School Teens is the most rewarding thing I do!  These kids are actually starved for this kind of information.  Most of us don’t have a clue what we want to do once we’ve graduated from High School.  Here we had an opportunity to bring […]

The Heart of our Teachers!

I am constantly amazed by our teachers.  Our childrens lives are affected each and every day by these fabulous individuals who are dedicated to their lives and futures.  Stop and take just a few moments to watch this video and remind ourselves of what happens after the bell rings!

The Heart of a Teacher


Making a difference in the life of children…..

I’ve been working with children (mostly teenagers) for lots of years.  Encouragement to our youth seems to be something that is needed and unfortunately with today’s economy, seems to be lacking.  At a recent Chamber Board meeting, I listened to a proposal from our local school district Superintendent as he explained how many teachers will […]

“How will our teens function in the “Real World”?

Teenagers think they know how they want to be perceived […]