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Motivation at it’s finest! Think you have challenges?

This video was sent to me this morning, and although I’ve seen it numerous times, it seems fitting to share it with you!  Everyone can use some motivation.  There are moments every day where we all want to just stop and call it quits.  I guarantee, spend just a few moments watching this video […]


Tips for Parents….

Abuse comes in many forms – physical, sexual and verbal/emotional. Do research before talking to your teen so you can provide correct and helpful information. Admit if you don’t know the answer to a question – It will build trust

It is never too early to talk to your teen about healthy relationships. Even if […]

Bullying… Let’s do something about it.

The recent violence and increase in bullying has most of us outraged.  Safety for our kids has to be our number one priority.  It shouldn’t matter who is being bullied.  It’s got to stop!  This is just a first step.

Last week, a freshman at Rutgers University killed himself after his roommate secretly recorded […]

Determination and Leadership – What a combo

I found this amazing video and was so impressed with this coach and what he accomplished with his team!  Words don’t begin to describe what you’ll see and feel watching this video!  I promise – you’ll be glad you watched!

The Million Dollar Challenge

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A Bit of Inspiration -

I saw this video and it reminds me that anything is possible!  Let me share with you this heartwarming story of a young man’s dream and the mindset he developed to make it come true.

“How will our teens function in the “Real World”?

Teenagers think they know how they want to be perceived […]